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    Textured Vase 12x12x20CM
    Therad Planter 12x12x20CM
    Ribbed Planter 12x12x10CM
    Leaf Relief Flower Pot 34cm
    Bamboo Fibre Pot 12x14CM
    Round Embossed Flower Pot
    Wavy Trough
    Pastel Tin Pot Small 18x24cm
    In Store Only
    Round Base Planter Large
    Round Base Planter Small
    In Store Only
    Tripod Planter Large - H91cm X Dia27cm
    Tripod Planter Small - H60cm x Dia21cm
    Pastel Tin Pot Large 25x37cm
    Hanging Basket
    Large Sky Planter(Dia40.5 x H37.5cm)
    Gothic Round Basket 14Inch
    Wicker Hanging Basket 10Inch
    Fluffy Beard Gnome Pot
    Heart Plant Pot Large
    Heart Plant Pot Small
    Gnome Pot
    Indoor Plastic Pressed Plant Pot
    Seed Sower Dispenser
    In Store Only
    Bay Tree 70cm
    Pots And Flower Saucers 6PK
    Athens Planter(Dia39.5cm x H29cm)
    Athens Planter(Dia30cm x H22cm)
    Geometric Petals Plastic Planter 13inch
    Traditional Planter 13.5inch
    Crackle Effect Planter 12inch
    Crimp Saucer Large 27cm
    Crimp Saucer Medium 23.5cm
    Crimp Saucer Small 19.5cm
    Barrel Planter 12inch
    Barrel Planter 10inch
    Large Saucer 33cm
    Medium Saucer (27cm)
    Small Saucer (23.5cm)
    Speckle Egg Cup Planter 13 Inch
    Striped Bowl Planter 13inch

    Planting and gardening has become more than a hobby, it has now become a means of relaxation. MaxiDeals now brings you fresh and exclusive offers on planters available in a wide variety of shapes and colours.

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