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    Easy Sink & Pipe Unblock 1L
    Max Flush Cube Ocean Toilet Cleaner 2x50g
    from £1.50
    Max Flush Cube Lavender Toilet Cleaner 2x50g
    from £1.50
    Max Flush Cube Forest Toilet Cleaner 2x50g
    from £1.50
    Toilet Block Bleach Blocks 6Pack
    from £1.50
    Toilet Blue Blocks 8Pack
    from £1.29
    2 in-1 Toilet Bleach Blocks 4PK
    from £1.29
    Easy Seriously Thick Bleach Citrus 750ML
    Sold Out
    Bloo Toilet Blocks Lemon 2PC

    A sparkling clean toilet can keep you and your family members away from a lot of illnesses. Now, you can keep it clean by using toilet cleaners. You can buy these dedicated cleaners for your toilets at the best rates from MaxiDeals. They are available in various scents too. You can buy them from brands such as Domestos, Flash, Bloo, Astonish, and more.

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